Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cititel Mid Valley Hotel Rates - Cheapest in Mid valley?

Is Cititel Mid Valley Hotel rates the cheapest in Mid Valley? The answer is yes, but it all depends on where you book your hotel room from.

The best rate for a Superior Room at Cititel Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur is around RM220 to RM240 per night. However, some booking sites may charge you RM300 for the same room. So, be careful about where you book your room from.

Cititel Mid Valley Hotel Rates for superior room

As you can see, Cititel Mid Valley rates could be RM100 more if you book from different booking sites. At RM300, you could afford a superior room at The Boulevard Kuala Lumpur which is newer and more luxurious in space and settings.

So it does matter where you book your room from as the Hotel Rates could be cheaper if you book from certain site. I always use to search and compare before I book. Just click on the "search by name" link below the search box and enter "Cititel Mid Valley". The search engine will search the room rates offered by major booking sites for Cititel Mid Valley hotel. Pay the best rate and save some money for your next trip to Kuala Lumpur. provide a very good video tutorial on how to compare and find cheaper room rates for Cititel Mid Valley using the search engine:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Genting Highland Hotel Rates - Are You Paying Too Much?

It's not an easy task to check Genting Highland Hotel Rates because there are at least four hotels that are in the same price range (between RM118-158 per night, excluding fees and tax:

1. First World Hotel Genting
2. Theme Park Hotel Genting Highlands
3. Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Club
4. Genting Permai Park and Resort

Among these four First World Hotel is the most popular as it usually offers the cheapest rate. Here is the hotel rate comparison for Genting Highland:

Theme Park Hotel is also popular but it is slightly more expensive than First World Hotel (RM40 more per night).

Unless you are willing to pay more than RM600 for your hotel rates at Genting Highland, forget about Maxims.

Genting Highland hotel rates do vary with the dates of stay. Festive seasons are usually pricier. Also check the hotels rates offered by different booking sites before you make your booking. The difference in price could be huge. Here is an example for First World Hotel rates:

Genting Highland Hotel Rates

For the same Superior Deluxe room, you may have to pay RM20 more if you book from HotelClub instead of Agoda.

However, Agoda does not have the best rates all the time. You still need to check the rates offered by the major hotel booking sites for your actual dates of stay. Here's how you can do it within a few clicks: has a good article about how to find the best Genting Hotel Rates


Monday, May 16, 2011

Crowne Plaza Times Square Rates - How Much Can You Save By Booking Earlier?

How much can you save by booking your room at Crowne Plaza Times Square earlier? 5%? 10% or 20%?

Think again after you see the Crowne Plaza Times Square rates below for two different dates. (This booking search was done on May 16, 2011).

Searching for room in Feb 2012.

Searching for room in November 2011.

Can you see the difference? You can save USD$200 or 45% for your Crowne Plaza Times Square Room Rates by booking three months earlier. Of course, two other factors may affect the room rates

1. Peak season (school holidays, festive seasons) maybe attract higher room rates.
2. The hotel booking sites you book your room from (use this search engine to compare). You can see that Crowne Plaza offical website doesn't guarantee the lowest price. The cheapest room rate is offered by HRS. We have observed the same thing for Intercontinental Barclay rates too.

Crowne Plaza Times Square Rates

So if you want a better deal for Crowne Plaza Times Square rates, the following may help:
1. book earlier,
2. avoid peak seasons and
3. choose the cheapest hotel booking sites.


InterContinental Barclay Rates - Is Booking at Official Website Always Cheaper?

Many of us think that booking InterContinental rooms through its official website always guarantee the best rates.

However, this myth was busted when I tried to check the InterContinental Barclay rates earlier today.

I was looking for a superior room at InterContinental Barclay New York for my trip in February 2012. This is what I found:
Screen capture Source

I was surprised that the room rate offered by Get A Room is actually USD$50 cheaper than the rate offered by Intercontinental Official website itself (both rates circled in red).

I couldn't find any difference in the details of the booking. The only possible reason I could think of is that Get A Room purchased InterContinental Barclay room at bulk to get the better price. Whatever the reason is, I do not mind as long as I get a better deal for my stay.

InterContinental Barclay Rates

So next time when you try to book your room at InterContinental, compare the rates with other booking sites beforehand. This search engine website does a good job. Contrary to the weird long url, it does work perfectly to search and compare rates offered by major hotel booking site on the internet. The comparison of InterContinental Barclay rates in the above screen capture was obtained from this search engine website.

Conclusion: Myth busted. Official Website for InterContinental Barclay may not offer the best rates.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Damai Puri Room Rate

We did a survey on Damai Puri room rate recently. We found that room rates offered by, LateRooms, Expedia and 30 others hotel booking sites can vary by as much as 60%!

Here is a screen shot of the comparison:
Source: http://BookWhere.Org

Damai Puri Room Rate

As You can see, the difference could be huge. For example, for the Deluxe Seaview Room, you can get a room from at about USD$111 per night with buffet breakfast included.

However, if you book from Skoosh, you may have to pay for USD$167 per night, without breakfast.

If Damai Puri Resort and SPA room rate is too high for your budget, you may want to consider Damai Beach Resort, which is 1km away from Damai Puri. The hotel is not as new as Damai Puri but it offers more spacious room and a wider range of rooms (includes chalet and suites). If you are bringing your kids along, Damai Beach Resort may well be a better choice than Damai Puri Resort and SPA, not only for the extra space, but also for the cheaper room rates.

Before you make your booking it's best to do a search using BookWhere.Org or search engine to compare the Damai Puri room rate for your dates of stay. That way, you can avoid paying more for the same room at Damai Puri.


Damai Beach Resort Room Rate

Here is the list for Damai Beach Resort Room Rate offered by major hotel booking sites. Compare their Damai Beach Resort room price before you book.

(Note that prices MAY VARY with the dates of stay. Key in your travel dates to get the exact room rate)

Damai Beach Resort Room Rate
Standard room with Full Breakfast for 2
Room rate: $74.24 per night (tax and fees included)

Superior Room with Breakfast Buffet for 2
Room Price: $83.29 per night (tax and fees included)

Superior Poolside Room
Room rate: $76.28 per night (tax and fees included)

Room Price: $79 per night (tax and fees included)

Seaview Deluxe
Hotel rate: $81.37 per night (tax and fees included)

Superior Poolside
Room rate: $84.76 per night (tax and fees included)

Room Price: $87.78 per night (tax and fees included)

Seaview Deluxe
Hotel rate: $90.41 per night (tax and fees included)

Hilltop Suite
Room rate: $117.78 per night (tax and fees included)

Family Suite
Room Price: $123.62 select per night (tax and fees included)

Damai Beach Resort Room Price

Damai Beach Resort Room Price is slightly cheaper than the room rate at Damai Puri Spa Resort which is located 1km away. Rooms at Damai Beach Resort are more spacious compared to Damai Puri Spa Resort too.