Monday, May 16, 2011

InterContinental Barclay Rates - Is Booking at Official Website Always Cheaper?

Many of us think that booking InterContinental rooms through its official website always guarantee the best rates.

However, this myth was busted when I tried to check the InterContinental Barclay rates earlier today.

I was looking for a superior room at InterContinental Barclay New York for my trip in February 2012. This is what I found:
Screen capture Source

I was surprised that the room rate offered by Get A Room is actually USD$50 cheaper than the rate offered by Intercontinental Official website itself (both rates circled in red).

I couldn't find any difference in the details of the booking. The only possible reason I could think of is that Get A Room purchased InterContinental Barclay room at bulk to get the better price. Whatever the reason is, I do not mind as long as I get a better deal for my stay.

InterContinental Barclay Rates

So next time when you try to book your room at InterContinental, compare the rates with other booking sites beforehand. This search engine website does a good job. Contrary to the weird long url, it does work perfectly to search and compare rates offered by major hotel booking site on the internet. The comparison of InterContinental Barclay rates in the above screen capture was obtained from this search engine website.

Conclusion: Myth busted. Official Website for InterContinental Barclay may not offer the best rates.