Monday, May 16, 2011

Crowne Plaza Times Square Rates - How Much Can You Save By Booking Earlier?

How much can you save by booking your room at Crowne Plaza Times Square earlier? 5%? 10% or 20%?

Think again after you see the Crowne Plaza Times Square rates below for two different dates. (This booking search was done on May 16, 2011).

Searching for room in Feb 2012.

Searching for room in November 2011.

Can you see the difference? You can save USD$200 or 45% for your Crowne Plaza Times Square Room Rates by booking three months earlier. Of course, two other factors may affect the room rates

1. Peak season (school holidays, festive seasons) maybe attract higher room rates.
2. The hotel booking sites you book your room from (use this search engine to compare). You can see that Crowne Plaza offical website doesn't guarantee the lowest price. The cheapest room rate is offered by HRS. We have observed the same thing for Intercontinental Barclay rates too.

Crowne Plaza Times Square Rates

So if you want a better deal for Crowne Plaza Times Square rates, the following may help:
1. book earlier,
2. avoid peak seasons and
3. choose the cheapest hotel booking sites.